M Coupe

Last Thursday I was browsing the used car market for good deals when I came across an M Coupe for sale in Santa Monica. I was immediately overcome by lust; I wanted the car so badly I felt sick to my stomach.

I began doing some calculations to figure out if I could afford the car and arranged to check it out on Saturday. I figured if I sold the Impreza and financed the rest, I could probably get the car. I could picture myself cruising up the PCH or along the freeway, having a kick-ass time.

But then reality set in and I realized I didn’t want to be paying for this car over the next five years. By the time I took the test drive, I was 80% sure I wasn’t going to buy it.

The M Coupe is an amazing car. It’s powerful and nimble—a pure sports car. But it wasn’t the kind of experience that overthrows reason and good sense… so I offered the owner a price lower than he wanted to accept and thanked him for his time.

Now I have a new plan: Sell the Impreza and beef up the MR2.