Poker blogger SNG

Found myself sitting with Boy Genius and Pauly at a $5 SNG on Party this evening. Fun stuff.

Boy Genius went out on the first hand with cowboys. Some dork called his all-in before the flop with pocket sevens and caught a seven on the flop.

I was basically doing pretty mediocre until I caught a run of good cards and lucky boards:

With 300 left, I called some guy’s 600 bet with A6 suited. Caught an ace on the flop and doubled through.

A few hands later I had pocket fives in the big blind. Same guy made it 1015 to go and I called. The board paired and neither of us improved, and I doubled through again.

Next hand he goes all in, and I stupidly call the extra 15 with big slick. Should have isolated him with a strong bet. After the flop pairs my king I push in a $956 bet to get the other two callers out. All-in guy had J9 off and didn’t make anything.

I steal the blinds in the next hand with AJ off.

A few hands later I get big slick on the button and make it 600 to go. Pauly calls with JJ and is all-in. Someone else calls. When the flop pairs my king, I push in all my chips and get heads up with Pauly. Neither of us improve and my kings win.

Next hand I have AJ off on the button and make it 600 to go. Big blind calls. Flop shows QJ6 and I bet 666. Turn shows a queen and I bet 300, and with 239 left, big blind folds.

Last hand of the SNG: after getting killed on a number of hands, me and the dork who got Boy Genius out in the first hand have approximately the same number of chips. I’ve got pocket jacks. Dork raises, and instead of pushing all-in, I stupidly get into a raising match with him. Finally I call all-in and he’s got AQ diamonds. Flop shows 277, with one diamond. Turn and River come up diamonds and dork wins the tournament.


Still, I wasn’t expecting to win any money, and just wanted to get some seat time with my fellow bloggers. Coming in second was pretty good, esp. since that was the only poker I played today.