Four figures?

Well, I’ve finally done it. It only took 18 months for this miserable hourly.

Had a very good NL 6-max session tonight and ended up with 13x my buy-in. I owned that table. It got to the point where any post-flop action from me basically won me the pot. I usually only used this power for my strong draws, but I think one time I frightened off pocket rockets with my cowboys and a queen on the board. And here I thought I just had the best hand.

I also showed the maniac to my right a thing or two. Stealing my blinds is one thing, but if you lose all or a big percentage of your chips with some bad plays, you’re just going to bust out, which, of course, is what he did. One time he raised and I re-raised the amount of his stack for fun–about 25x his raise. Probably a waste of cowboys, but then again, they can be cracked. Don’t worry. I don’t do this all the time.

Not only did I take some big profits off the table, but I also tripled my bonus point count while doing so. Not sure what I think of a bonus system that disproportionately rewards winning players, but as long as I’m one of those winning players, I guess I can look the other way.

This winning session followed a few mediocre sessions at Party and Doyle’s, of course. 1/2 full-ring and 1/2 6-max just caused me to lose my chips slowly over the course of many hands. I don’t know why, but a lot of times I just don’t feel it when I’m playing.

“Right but, what is it?”

It’s just what they bring ok?”

That’s usually a sign to leave.

So now that I’ve broken that 1G mark, I expect I’ll dip and rise past this boundary many times. Let’s hope I keep my head and don’t bust out.

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