Blogger Domination

A big congratulations goes out to…

Poker Nerd, who took first in a $11 NLHE rebuy tourney on Stars. The Venetian owns.

Poker Geek, who took first in a $10 Razz tourney last night on Full Tilt Poker before the IHG to follow on his third place finish in another Razz tourney two nights ago. The secret to his success? “I’m throwing away any starting cards higher than xx8. Unless i have A2 or A3 or something.”

I have a working assumption when I play micro-limit Razz. The other guy is always paired (or double-paired) or has a face card (or two) down, so don’t worry if you get a brick on 4th or 5th. Cocky, I know, but true more often than not!

Joe Speaker, who took third in a $20 NLHE MTT on Stars late last night/early this morning. Joe was a potential alternate for the IHG, but I think he was better off resting up and kicking ass for a much bigger prize pool.

Sean (Anisotropy), who took second in a $14 Satellite for tonight’s 50k Guaranteed tournament on Full Tilt. Also at stake is a piece of Jennifer Harman’s action. Geek ought to send him a little mojo for this one.