Super Ouch.

Had a disastrous session at the middle limits that ate through over a third of the bankroll. A cursory glance at Poker Tracker shows me overplaying or overcalling with second-best hands in far too many hands. Poker Tracker also tells me I got runner-runner’d, 3-outered, and 5-outered enough times to account for the entire loss. The games were juiced up with a few maniacs and I took them head on for a crazy swinging time. At about 3AM I called it quits and started to wonder just what the hell I was playing for. I’ve decided to cash out a chunk of the roll so that I have something to point to and say, “There, that’s what I got spending my free time playing poker,” and banish myself to low-limit purgatory. Because at the end of it all, I’m playing for competitive mental fun, and fun doesn’t usually involve contemplating four figure losses.

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