Individualized Email Addresses and Spam

One of the main reasons for setting up my own domain was to give different websites their own email addresses. If Amazon got hacked or decided to sell their customer list, then I’d know because I’d suddenly start getting non-Amazon mail at At that point I could set up a mail filter on the server or in my inbox to delete, redirect, or bounce the messages so I’d never have to deal with them, and give the site a new email address, if I so desired.

So far, this scenario has only occurred with EB Games. Since I don’t normally shop there, I haven’t bothered to give them a new address.

Recently, however, both my Doyle’s Room and Poker Source Online addresses have been getting casino spam. This worries me. If they sold out my email address, then they’re bastards, but it’s not exactly risky for me. If they’ve been compromised…

Doyle’s Room may have been compromised in some fashion. After I got the first set of spam messages, I wrote to their customer service via the form on their website. Instead of submitting the message, I got redirected to some casino site I’d never heard of. At this point, I’m not sure what I should be doing next. I’ve changed my 3rd party money account password, but that’s about it.

What about you? Have you been getting some odd spam messages?

This is what I got at my PSO address:

Subject: “Good Luck, Emailusername!” from senders: Yvette, Coleen Ventura, Jeannie, Sherrie, Major, Laverne Courtney, Jolene, and Josiah.

This is what I got at my DR address:

  • Great games, Big Winnings, & thousands of players
  • * Play atno-cost to see how exciting and easy it is
  • * Up to $888 real money to gamble with
  • Great games, Big Winnings, & thousands of players
  • You’ve been selected to Play at the HI-ROLLER CASIN0!
  • Play where the world is Playing
  • Your promotional ID is IIZ02525***

Any of these look familiar?

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