Wii’d out and the coming weekend

While I doubt I would have done any blogging in the past two weeks if I didn’t have a Wii to suck up all my time, I’m pretty sure I would have been looking for something pokery to do. As it was, I got my clammy hands on a Nintendo Wii the night before Thanksgiving thanks to a very cool guy I work with, and didn’t put down the controls until I’d beaten the new Zelda game. Even then I decided to look up some nifty strategy guides over at Gamespot and try out some of the things I hadn’t figured out on my own.

This coming weekend, however, will likely give me my fill of pokery things for a little while to come. With the women out of town or otherwise preoccupied, Absinthe and I will be sharing a room over at the Jihad Casino and Resort Hotel. I don’t expect to use it much. And I suppose I’ll participate in this Caesars tournament that’s going on, too. It’s too bad that the future Mrs. Glyphic won’t be there, because I feel she adds a certain tilt factor that almost assuredly works in my favor. Then again, I think Bill‘s the blogger most likely to appreciate the tilt, and from what I can tell, he won’t be joining us this time around.

See you there.

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