25 thoughts on “Em and Me…”

  1. Hooray! This is the answer to my email from a few weeks ago that you never responded to. Congratulations!

    Also, you guys both look fantastic in that photo. Who knew you cleaned up so well?

  2. “Me got married?”

    Yes, that is a very cute picture: it’s amazing what they can do with computers these days….


  3. yea i know! its like the whole world has to suffer because he’s holding a grudge…you’re right, it’s so lame. have you seen peter jackson lately? he’s gotten small, he doesn’t look like a hobbit anymore. have you seen Heavenly Creatures? you’ll never look at orson welles the same way.

  4. Yeah, Yeah, I’m waay behind the announcement. Congrats to you both. I hope all your days together are like flopping the nutz. That sounds crude but you get the drift.