Open Secrets

If you’ve never been, check out Open Secrets from the Center for Responsive Politics. They’ve got a donor lookup that lets you find out who’s made political contributions to which candidate or party. Pretty interesting stuff.

For instance, people who have MySpace or Fox Interactive Media listed as their company have given $12,450 in this election cycle to the Democratic Party and their candidates. The Republicans have received $10,051.

NewsCorp’s President and COO Peter Chernin gave over $31,000 to different Democratic candidates and committees.

NewsCorp’s Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch gave over $33,000 to Republican candidates and committees, but also handed Hillary Clinton a $2300 check.

They put the balance into “Fair and Balanced.”

There’s some sort of reporting threshold (I think it’s $250), so it’s not comprehensive, but I guess that would allow those of you who value your privacy to slip under the radar by making a bunch of $200 contributions on a monthly basis.