Leaving MySpace

The rumors are true. After nearly five years of making and breaking stuff at MySpace, I’ve decided to move on. Tomorrow will be my last day.

The decision to leave had more to do with the new gig than the old; it’s a small start-up where I’ll be leading the product side of things, facing new responsibilities and challenges, and hopefully learning something along the way.

As for MySpace and all my former and soon-to-be-former colleagues, I hope they all succeed fantastically. Partially for their sake, but mostly for my own. It’s tough doing tech in LA; the more any one of us succeeds, the better the chances we all succeed. Or at least get a few million in funding to go chase some crazy idea.

20 thoughts on “Leaving MySpace”

  1. Woah. I guess we've got some catching up to do tomorrow…does​ this mean that I can stop using myspace now? =P

  2. Phil, I'm going to kick your ass about this local economy MySpace thing unless you email me with some excruciatingly detailed and terribly boring explanations.