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StudioGlyphic welcomes Machine Samba to the blogging world

Machine Samba is written by the author of Violent Messiahs and the Van Helsing movie tie-in promotional comic book. What a corporate whore!

Here’s a sample:

My hero, George W. Bush, told the world yesterday that the systematic torture and sexual humiliation of the Abu Ghraib prisoners in Baghdad is abhorrent (he pronounced it “aphorrent” but we’ve got bigger fish to fry). He all but actually apologized in the two truncated videos I’ve seen drifting around the net.

I believe he is sorry. Sorry that this is a fucking PR nightmare in an election storm. Sorry that even republicans are currently calling for Rumsfeld’s resignation. Sorry that they only started the Military Intelligence investigation (one of six) a little over ten days ago even though CBS’s 60 Minutes contacted the Pentagon three weeks prior for a response. Very very sorry.

Why I’m not buying the president’s moral outrage has a lot to do with the hard truth about abuse in Texas Prisons under his Gubernatorial watch and the fact that he never apologized to the impoverished Texas prison population. But then he doesn’t see all of them as potential suicide bombers sitting on a shit load of oil either.

It’s obvious what direction Machine Samba will be taking in the months to come.