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U.S. troops uncover one of their biggest weapons caches in Saddam’s hometown

But before you jump to conclusions, these are not WMD’s.

U.S. troops uncover one of their biggest weapons caches in Saddam’s hometown

The cache turned up 23 Russian-made surface to air missiles, 1,000 pounds of plastic explosives, four rocket propelled grenade launchers and 115 rockets, a mortar and 40 mortar rounds, 1,300 blasting caps and 423 hand grenades

Conventional weapons.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Let no man say that I have never said a good word about Bill Gates. This month, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged $55 million to “accelerate dengue vaccine research,” $51 million to “support small dynamic high schools to boost student achievement” in New York City, and $168 million to fight malaria. That’s a quarter of a billion dollars for health and education causes. Good job, Bill.

So now that the Gates Foundation has ponied up the money, spend a few of your minutes reading the press releases to find out how many kids are dying every day from the two diseases these grants are supposed to fight.

Something good to be said about Universal?

I completely missed this. Recently my former company announced a price cut for CD list prices. Current list prices range from $16.98 to $18.98. UMG plans to drop this to $12.98. Retailers often offer CDs for less than the list price, especially when they’re new releases, so the actual price a consumer might pay for a CD could be as low as $10. I think this is a great move. Unfortunately, Universal’s competition have not made any similiar announcements.

Why would Universal do this? UMG’s chairman Doug Morris has one mission: grow market share, even in a shrinking market. If Universal’s CDs are significantly cheaper than the competition’s, some consumers will opt to choose Universal releases over other releases. This isn’t as idiotic as it sounds. Say there are a couple hot songs on the radio. A consumer who walks in looking to buy one or the other may opt for the cheaper one. Another scenario is that a consumer who can buy the entire CD for $10 may not decide to spend the time looking for and downloading the MP3s. when the CD costs $14, they may decide it’s worth the time. Again, Universal would gain market share even while the market shrinks.