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Stupid people shouldn’t drive

That’s most people, thank you.

The 10 East has a couple lanes separated from the main freeway for people entering and exiting at Western, Arlington, Vermont, and Hoover. Sometimes I’ll drive at 80 in those lanes, but I know what I’m doing. Other people don’t. Anyway, traffic had slowed down toward the end of this little stretch as it always does. In fact, traffic had stopped. In the meantime, I’m watching my rearview mirror and see a truck speeding toward me. Almost at the last minute, he merges left and continues on. Of course, right behind him was a bitch who was following too close and not paying attention. When I saw she wasn’t slowing down, I moved forward half a space, hoping it would be enough. It was, but she still had to slam on her brakes to stop in time.

Three things:

1) If you don’t need a big truck, you shouldn’t have one. It takes up space and it’s hard to see around. I don’t know that this was the case here, but it’s something to keep in mind.

2) If you can’t see around a vehicle in front of you, don’t fucking tailgate, especially when you’re in a situation with few outs.

3) Leaving space between your car and the car in front of you is a good idea. If I hadn’t left that gap, I wouldn’t be sitting here in class blogging about stupid drivers. I’d be on the side of the 10, fucking up traffic, getting some stupid bitch’s information and waiting for the cops.

We both ended up getting off at the same exit. When she came up beside me, she didn’t even look over. I wonder if she has any idea how close she came to flying through her windshield? I don’t know if she was wearing her seatbelt, but she was driving a shitty American car, and I’m near certain the safety equipment would have failed.

An SUV almost took my life

All this took place in a few seconds:

Driving up the 405 in the far left lane, I noticed several cars up the road in my lane with their brake lights on. The next lane over also had some cars putting on the brakes, but there were fewer cars. I moved over one lane to the right, but figured I should move over another lane because of the sympathetic braking going on in this lane. I also figured a car from the far left lane might try to change lanes.

I checked the next lane over and was starting to move over when the SUV that had been in front of me in the far left lane suddenly moved over. I turned my wheel more aggressively and continued to change lanes. The space between our cars was probably no more than ten inches–I wouldn’t want to be parked next to an SUV with only this much space, let alone drive next to one at 70 mph.

Once I got clear, I checked the rear-view mirror and noticed the SUV swerve left back into his original lane. What a dumb fuck. If I hadn’t anticipated his maneuver and started the lane change, I probably would have totalled my car, gotten my face bruised on the airbag, and fucked up traffic for an hour.

Analysis of his stupidity:
1) Did not anticipate traffic ahead of him.
2) Did not anticipate traffic behind him.
3) Did not check traffic.
4) Attempted to enter a faster lane after slowing down from 70 mph to 50 mph.