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Thanks, F-Train. But I noticed one of the things missing from your list of seven things about you was the origin of Asphynxma.

Moving on…

1. Whenever we passed a 7-Eleven in the car, my brother used to announce that he was going to say “Seven” to mark the occasion. Upon hearing this, I would shout “Seven!” to my great amusement and his great distress. I still take pleasure in the psychological suffering of others today.

2. I was student body president of my elementary school. I did not use the veto or pardon powers one might associate with the office.

3. I went to Beverly Hills High School, but never had the opportunity to bitch-slap neither Brenda nor Brendon, as they were fictional characters. Nor did I stalk Angelina Jolie Voight, whom I have recently concluded is a fictional character in her own right.

4. I wasted most of my college years online figuring out this Internet-thingy. All of my real jobs are a direct result of that time-wasting. Now I help today’s college kids to waste time looking at girls online. I expect that in ten years the most prolific pornographers and Peeping Toms will owe me some thanks, and a few photos.

5. The Internet wasn’t the reason I was suspended from college my senior year, but it did give me something to do.

6. I’ve taken the MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT, and applied to medical school, law school, and business school, but I am not a doctor, laywer, nor douchebag. Okay, maybe I am the latter, but I didn’t learn it in school for $40k a year!

7. I think MySpace sucks. My job is to make it suck less.

And I tag…


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Poker Gnome

Because he still reminds me of Robert Wagner.

And finally…

Fact Girl

Because her writing makes me happy.

Vegas Fatigue

Got home safely, and with minimal hassle (my flight was only delayed by half an hour), but I’m feeling a little burnt out on the whole Vegas thing. I think I would have been just as happy to have stayed home this weekend. But that’s likely due to the fact that I missed having the girl around, not to mention having gone through a hell of a week at the world’s largest social networking site. Next time I’ll bring the wife and take a day off.

Wii’d out and the coming weekend

While I doubt I would have done any blogging in the past two weeks if I didn’t have a Wii to suck up all my time, I’m pretty sure I would have been looking for something pokery to do. As it was, I got my clammy hands on a Nintendo Wii the night before Thanksgiving thanks to a very cool guy I work with, and didn’t put down the controls until I’d beaten the new Zelda game. Even then I decided to look up some nifty strategy guides over at Gamespot and try out some of the things I hadn’t figured out on my own.

This coming weekend, however, will likely give me my fill of pokery things for a little while to come. With the women out of town or otherwise preoccupied, Absinthe and I will be sharing a room over at the Jihad Casino and Resort Hotel. I don’t expect to use it much. And I suppose I’ll participate in this Caesars tournament that’s going on, too. It’s too bad that the future Mrs. Glyphic won’t be there, because I feel she adds a certain tilt factor that almost assuredly works in my favor. Then again, I think Bill‘s the blogger most likely to appreciate the tilt, and from what I can tell, he won’t be joining us this time around.

See you there.

284 miles from Vegas

In my mind, Vegas is always just four hours away. Compared to LA commute time, four hours never seems that bad. That’s like driving to and from Irvine 1.5 – 2 times. Easy, right?

In reality, everyone in LA and their mother thinks of Vegas in the same way. They might drive up Thursday night, Friday morning, Friday night, or Saturday morning, but they all come back Sunday afternoon.

When you’re waiting out the traffic and heat in Baker, CA in 110 degree weather, an extra night at the MGM Grand for $60 suddenly looks like the deal of the century.

When you realize you’ve spent $100 on fuel and 12 hours of your limited free time crossing the Mojave desert (sober!), two round-trip tickets + cab fares for $500 doesn’t really seem that expensive.

The next time I talk about driving up to Vegas, somebody slap me.