MR2 Update

The MR2 has new front and rear motor mounts. They’re mostly solidified, so I put them in the car to wait out the remaining few days. The front motor mount had been completely destroyed… and it’s no wonder, too. It looked flimsy as all hell. So now the car will sufer from more vibration and noise, but the throttle response is supposed to be much improved. Can’t wait to drive this car Monday evening.

New brake pads arrived today from BrakeWarehouse. Those guys are awesome. They had the best prices for the Axxis Metal Masters I wanted, and they were delivered the day after I placed the order. Now that’s fast. I’ll probably install the pads Sunday afternoon after I re-attach the exhaust. I highly recommend Metal Masters to people for street use. My Impreza had shitty brakes before, but now they’re awesome.

Brake fluid’s on its way, and so are the stainless steel braided brake lines. The brakes on the MR2 are going to kick ass.

After that, suspension.