Tricksy Ninjas

Wil Wheaton turned me on to Overheard in NY:

Ninjas killed my family - need money for kung-fu lessons

A large bearded black man is holding a big white sign that reads: NINJAS KILLED MY FAMILY. I NEED $$ TO LEARN KUNG-FU AND GET REVENGE.

Drunk yuppie: Ha, ha. So dude, are you really going to become a ninja?! Ha, ha!
Black guy: Nah, man. This is just for humor. This ain’t for real.

–Broadway & 76th

Overheard by: M-Co

I don’t think these are the same guy.

2 thoughts on “Tricksy Ninjas”

  1. You should really be careful with this kind of humor, you know. Some people are actually quite sensitive to “jokes” about ninjas killing their families. I learned this the hard way. It was really ugly… Trust me, you never want to be in that situation.