Hang up and drive!

Effective July 1, drivers in California will not be allowed to use their mobile phones while driving, unless they have a hands-free device or are using the walkie-talkie feature.

Things to note:

    The fine will be $20 for the first offense, and $50 for subsequent offenses. Penalty assessments can be added on, dramatically increasing the fine.
    You can be pulled over for driving and talking.

The city of Beverly Hills already has big signs up warning people about the coming date. I can’t wait to see those people pulled off to the side of the road for this; we might even get some cop-slapping video action. More details at the DMV’s website.

2 thoughts on “Hang up and drive!”

  1. About friggin' time. Of course, this does not go far enough. Hands-free, hands-on, whatever, talking on the phone while driving is either ignorant, delusional, or irresponsible.