Speedy browsing

If you’re reading this, you probably do a lot of web browsing. Imagine how much more you could see if your browser were faster. Here are a few things you could get to speed things up:

Mozilla Firefox 3

Firefox 3 features dramatic speed improvements over version 2, as well as better handling of embedded Flash files. While Google Chrome is mind-blowingly faster than FF3, I still stick with Firefox for its add-ons, like ColorZilla, Web Developer Toolbar, MeasureIt, FireBug, and…


This Firefox add-on lets you choose not to show Flash objects embedded on the page. Ever get annoyed by Flash ads, music and video players, and games slowing you down? This is the add-on for you.


This Windows utility isn’t exactly related to speedy browsing, but it’s a fast and easy way to clear temp files, browser cache, and other things you don’t need filling up your hard drive. I run it once every 1-2 months and clear out several hundred megabytes worth of accumulated crap.

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