Cure Show

Last night MySpace had a “Secret Show” with the Cure at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. The Secret Shows are free shows in smaller venues. As far as LA venues go, the Troub is one of the smallest.

The Cure at the Troubadour playing Pictures of You

I managed to finagle a wristband from this guy at work and was allowed up into the balcony area where I could get a good view of the stage. Don’t miss the next secret show! Add MySpace Secret Shows to your friends list.

The Cure at the Troubadour

I haven’t really gotten into the whole live-blogging thing, so I live photo-streamed the show instead. Check out my MySpace or flickr photos to see them.

Some caveats:

  • The iPhone takes really crappy photos (as you can tell from the photos I’ve got here)
  • I don’t know any songs they released after “Wish”
  • I didn’t change my position all night, so it’s all more or less the same photo repeated many times

The Cure at the Troubadour playing Boys Don't Cry

Some highlights of the show:

  • Pictures of you
  • From the edge of the deep green sea
  • Push
  • Just like heaven
  • Close to me
  • 10:15 Saturday night
  • Killing an arab

The Cure at the Troubadour MySpace Secret Show Poster

7 thoughts on “Cure Show”

  1. As you already know, The Cure is my favorite band. It looks like it was a great show.

    You have a distinct advantage of living in a place where a show like this might happen. I live in a town of 1800 in central Oregon, although we are gonna get Hal Ketchum in April and Michael McDonald in February. At least that is something.

  2. I have two albums after Wish. You can borrow them, if you’d like; hell if I’m going to listen to them: I don’t even like Wish that much. Actually, that’s harsh since they’re really not terrible, just not albums that see much airtime here.

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