MySpace Music Remixed

When MySpace Music relaunched back in September, I was pretty impressed by the depth of the catalog of music they had available. With all the major labels represented in the new venture, there was a lot of music you could go and listen to if you took the time to find it.

Unfortunately the experience was more than a little lacking. There wasn’t a way to search for songs or albums; rather, searching for those things pulled a list of profiles and discography pages that met your search criteria. Listening to the music was also less than optimal; browsing and playback of all the albums offered by the service took place within the player on the profile.

Over the past six months they’ve added more songs, more labels, and more artists. On the front end, they made some significant updates to music search and introduced music and playlist pages. Now you can listen to the full song in search, add it to your playlist, jump straight to the album, or go to the profile. With the publicly browse-able playlists, I’m not just putting together songs for myself, I’m putting it together for the world to enjoy.

It’s still not perfect, by any means, but the fact that I can listen to a bunch of New Wave songs all day makes me happier than I probably deserve.

glyphic’s New Wave playlist


“Please, please tell me now!”

“I wanna know what you’re thinking.”

“I’m only human… born to make mistakes.”

“I’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 senses working overtime.”