Ten Percent

The Beverly Hills School District Board has a couple new members after Tuesday’s election.

Of the 21,312 registered voters in the 13 City precincts (see page 24 for a map of precincts and voter breakdown), Korbatov came in first by a margin of just nine with 1,907 votes (32.74 percent of total). Manaster came in a close second with 1,892 votes (32.49 percent of total). The other two candidates, current Board President Nooshin Meshkaty had 1,892 votes (26.91 percent of total), while Craig Davis had 458 (7.1 percent of total). 2009 voter turnout has decreased by 1,455 votes over the same election in 2007.

via Beverly Hills Courier: Korbatov, Manaster Win Seats On The School Board, New Majority To Control.

It strikes me as somewhat anti-democratic to allow anyone to take a seat with only a plurality of votes, especially when that plurality represents less than ten percent of the registered voters in the jurisdiction. The fact that two-thirds of the voters didn’t vote for Korbatov should count for something, don’t you think?