No limit with the bloggers

Read around and you’ll find lots of accounts of playing no-limit ring with other poker bloggers. It’s all fun and games until someone loses his stack. These games are sometimes a little nuts. Someone, somewhere, always feels obligated to go big with the hammer. Oh, Grubs, what have you done to us?

I think this was an interesting early moment:

Holding Jc 2c in the big blind and I flop the flush with [ Kc, 8c, Qc ] on the board. I’ve got the second nuts and bet out $2. This is raised to $4 and called in one place. I reraise to $12 and get called by both.

The turn is the 7h and I start telling the story:

StudioGlyphic: Film geek was telling me a story
StudioGlyphic: bets (14.6)
StudioGlyphic is all-In.
StudioGlyphic: Someone flopped the flush
StudioGlyphic: He had the Ace draw
StudioGlyphic: River came, no help
StudioGlyphic: Down 200 bucks
Pauly: lol
Guy #1 folds.
StudioGlyphic: Down in Commerce
Guy #2 calls (12)
Guy #2 is all-In with the ace of clubs.

Sure enough, the river is the [ 5s ] and I net a big pot. Unfortunately I think Guy #2 was a fellow blogger, though I’ve never read him. I really wanted Guy #1 to call and bust out, since he was just some jerk-off who happened to be at our table. Oh well.

I happened to be playing my MultiPoker persona this evening, so there was a lot of guessing as to who this mysterious “Cindy” was…

SirFWALGMan: Cindy=Felicia?
StudioGlyphic: Heh. No.
SirFWALGMan: Glenn?
StudioGlyphic: Nope.
Pauly: cindy=evelyn ng
Up For Poker: The question of the night: Who is Cindy?
Up For Poker: Cindy = Bob
Otis: she’s a humdinger folksinger
Pauly: bobby? cindy?
StudioGlyphic: Ooh, let’s contact Grubby for a PS2 prize for the correct guesser.
StudioGlyphic: Pauly’s disqualified cause he knows.
Up For Poker: lol
Iggy: lol cindy
StudioGlyphic: Though he may have forgotten.
Pauly: wow know one else knows?
StudioGlyphic: He does a lot of drugs.
Pauly: im not THAT high
Iggy: is that grubbette?
StudioGlyphic: ha ha
StudioGlyphic: no
StudioGlyphic: Boy this is going to be fun.
Pauly: hint… he lives in a blue state
Up For Poker: Hmmm.. narrows it down…
StudioGlyphic: And lets you know it.
StudioGlyphic: FWALG and Iggy should be able to guess.
jeckyleng: Cindy = TFG?
Iggy: lol no
Pauly: LOL
Iggy: mebbe snail
Up For Poker: He’s redder than red
Otis: fat guy a redstater
Pauly: no not snailtrax
jeckyleng: no kidding
Iggy: he/she is a stinky hippy
Pauly: stinkypants?
Iggy: i love that guy
Iggy: p0 p0 stinky
Iggy: ive eaten things smarter than him
StudioGlyphic: see you kids are having a hard time because you don’t read me.
SirFWALGMan: how did I lose all my money
Pauly: lol
Iggy: where is al damnit
Pauly: i think he’s “gettin some”
Up For Poker: what does that mean??
SirFWALGMan: some beer?
Iggy: a happy meal?
Pauly: he said a “movie with the wifey”
jeckyleng: thanks for the visual
Pauly: which is some code for S&M

Otis plays the hammer.

Iggy: woohoo
Otis: suited, but still
Iggy: nh
Up For Poker: boooooo
StudioGlyphic: that doesn’t count
SirFWALGMan: better than Hank
SirFWALGMan: heh
Up For Poker: That’s just the anvil

Iggy: cindy, you silly bitch, give me your blog url
Iggy: so i can mock you
Otis: hehehh
jeckyleng: avril levigne is punk rock
StudioGlyphic: I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago…

StudioGlyphic: hey so FWALG means what?
Otis: thank god somebody asked
Up For Poker: lol
pokercode: lol
Up For Poker: f-in weird a$$ little guy
SirFWALGMan: im saving it for my 1 year if I make it.. lol
Up For Poker: right?
Pauly: is it a dungeouns and dragons thing?
SirFWALGMan: Fuck Women Always Little Guys
SirFWALGMan: it does actually mean something.. not all that meaningful
Pauly: farts worth a little gas

Iggy raises my limp.

StudioGlyphic: I don’t need to give *you* three dollars.
StudioGlyphic: I already signed up for Empire through your code.
SirFWALGMan: lol
Iggy: lol
Iggy: liar

Otis: FWALG is Klingon…Wil said so
SirFWALGMan: yeah, Wil watches Aqua Teen Hunger Force! He’s Brainwashed
jeckyleng: Cindy = Wil?
Up For Poker: There’s no W in the Klingon dialect… loser!
Pauly: i always knew wil was a closet stoner
jeckyleng: you know Klingon dialects, and he’s the loser
Up For Poker: lol
Otis: hehhehehh
Iggy: hehe
SirFWALGMan: ok, im tired of these freaking posers

Everyone folds to Iggy for the twentieth time.

StudioGlyphic: giving Iggy too much respect, guys.
Iggy: i’m ready to gamble damnit
Otis: PAI GOW!
Iggy: ive had 22 guinness
StudioGlyphic: casino war
MisterD2U: this isn’t the play money tables???
Up For Poker: last hand of the night… we all go all in!
Up For Poker: love and casino war?
Otis: i miss jeremy’s regualr posts
Pauly: just start listing the blogroll
Up For Poker: me too
StudioGlyphic: i’m partial to roulette myself
Otis: waitaminute. i got you cindy
StudioGlyphic: ooh, where’s the PS2?
Otis: i read this post the other day
Iggy: lol
Otis: bad fucking snow storm and a dude hooked on roulette
StudioGlyphic: bet on 8, 20, 23, 25.
Otis: and couldn’t stop fucking winning
Iggy: hrm
StudioGlyphic: ha ha, that’s right.
StudioGlyphic: Roulette paid for my trip.
Otis: great post
StudioGlyphic: Sad, sad, sad.
Up For Poker: who is Cindy!?!??! Come on Otis… give it up!
Iggy: i second

At this point I raise the amount of SirFWALGMan’s stack with JJ.

SirFWALGMan: small pair?
StudioGlyphic: call
jeckyleng: didn’t they just say jeremy from loveandcasinowar?
StudioGlyphic: SirFwalgMan would call
StudioGlyphic: I read it last week

Crap. He called and got his ace on the flop. Good call, man.

Iggy: i am going to reserve

Ooh, and later:

SirFWALGMan: I would say Taste was Studio, but I know his handle..
Otis: it’s one of his fucking buddies….
pokercode: who was in vegas w/ you iggy? he said he was there a few weeks ago?
Otis: that was hank
SirFWALGMan: Studio has buddies?


Otis: hdouble
StudioGlyphic: Yeah Hank’s off making money
Pauly: quote from my brother, “Don’t you guys have jobs?”
pokercode: one of hank’s buddies
Pauly: casey affleck?
Pauly: i loved u in oceans 12
pokercode: so it’s casey
Pauly: couldve given u more lines
Iggy: heather graham wanted midget sex
StudioGlyphic: well i just feel luck to work with brad pitt again
Iggy: but i resisted
Up For Poker: uh oh
StudioGlyphic: er, lucky
StudioGlyphic: brad’s a hottie.
Pauly: felt you didnt have a chance to have a complete character arc
Up For Poker: hiltons!
StudioGlyphic: Why does an Ace fall when I got those or the Helmuths?
Otis: i thought we were going to get the roller girl story
Iggy: this is one of the worst tables ver
Iggy: ever even
StudioGlyphic: yeah this sucks.
Up For Poker: I’d say.. we suck
Iggy: o8
Otis: yep….last orbit for me
Iggy: i am gonna try to take that bitch cindy’s stack
StudioGlyphic: i gotta be in a hand with you to do that, don’t i?
pokercode: lol
StudioGlyphic: I’m boycotting Iggy

I win aces full of sixes.

NolanVoyd: nh
Otis: oh my
Up For Poker: ouch
pokercode: nice
Iggy: poorly played on all streets
StudioGlyphic: danke

StudioGlyphic: < -- StudioGlyphic SirFWALGMan: yeah? Up For Poker: really? SirFWALGMan: So I did guess right I raise preflop with AK suited and Pauly calls. Flop is [ 9s, 3c, Ac ] and it's just the two of us. Pauly checks. StudioGlyphic bets (3) Pauly raises (30.25) to 30.25 Pauly is all-In. Up For Poker: uh oh SirFWALGMan: go Pauly! StudioGlyphic: What was it that PhilIvey would do? Pauly: call SirFWALGMan: she slow played AA Up For Poker: call Iggy: gl pauly SirFWALGMan: he StudioGlyphic: I'm either ahead or behind. Crapper. Pauly: ty Up For Poker: maybe you're tied Pauly: one way to find out StudioGlyphic calls (27.25) ** Dealing Turn ** : [ 6h ] ** Dealing River ** : [ 7d ] We chop. Blast. Up For Poker: lol SirFWALGMan: NICE! Pauly: damn MisterD2U: boo SirFWALGMan: Excellent call! Pauly: thats what i put u on Iggy: hehe nh Up For Poker: I'm a freaking genius StudioGlyphic: Oh yeah, there was that, too. Up For Poker: when it's not my money... SirFWALGMan: heh StudioGlyphic: what was that, net fifty cents each? SirFWALGMan: probably loss because of the rake Pauly: i ost money Pauly: lost StudioGlyphic: Right... Pauly: rake SirFWALGMan: huge rake on 60 bucks! lol StudioGlyphic: well party should kiss my ass and give me a baseball cap. SirFWALGMan: is -26 BB/100 bad? StudioGlyphic: you reading my blog again? Pauly: i dont believe in bloggers, i only believe in me Iggy: a positive winning force surrounds you Up For Poker: bloggers, schmoggers Then the craziest thing happened: 4 players all-in preflop. AA vs. QQ vs. The Hammer vs. KQ Oh, man. AA won, of course, but damn it, Grubs, where's that PS2? pokercode: t-shirts for all bloggers... but cindy, i need to know who you are StudioGlyphic: oh man, you missed the big reveal while you were taking a leak. pokercode: shit, ? StudioGlyphic: heh pokercode: let me scroll up StudioGlyphic: StudioGlyphic -- I'm on Google! pokercode: ahhh pokercode: will add to my list Pauly: i thoght u were caey affleck? StudioGlyphic: I did Casey Affleck, but that's not quite the same, is it? Iggy: cindy - well done Iggy: shall we play heads up now? StudioGlyphic: Heh, no way. StudioGlyphic: I'm making myself a shirt that says "dead money" --- Fun stuff. But now that the secret's out of the bag, I'll have to come up with another name. Put me on your buddy list guys, or you'll never track me down.

5 thoughts on “No limit with the bloggers”

  1. Aaahhh, so that’s what I missed out on. Thanks for the invite…if I hadn’t been so locked in donating money to various 3/6 players last night, I would’ve definitely joined in. Next time…

  2. Excellent write up! I love losing money on these tables. It is pretty consistant. Win $100 playing 3/6, give back $25-50 to the Bloggers, wake up tired as shit in the morning and have to trudge off to work.

  3. First, I’m not sure why you’re not on my blogroll… that’s been fixed.

    Second, thanks for saving the chat… someone had to!!!

    Third, that was my HAMMER. I guess I’ll call it a poker bloggers donation.

  4. I should have highlighted this before, but this is my favorite part of the chat:

    Pauly: stinkypants?
    Iggy: i love that guy
    Iggy: p0 p0 stinky
    Iggy: ive eaten things smarter than him