Too much.

I definitely stayed at that NL blogger table for far too long tonight. 100 hands I can do, 200 hands is stretching it. The other disadvantage of playing the extra 100 hands is that you have to remember to ask for your hand history earlier on if you want the chat transcript. Sure, it’s there somewhere in that gargantuan PT database of mine, but parsing the emailed hand history is enough work as it is. Well, I guess I could export it.

Good Christ, is it already December?

The biggest pot I lost was when I re-raised SirFWALGMan all in with second pair after he flopped the nut straight. Heh. That was kinda funny. Almost worth the $28 I handed him. Wait a tick, no it was not worth it! Oh boy.

Second biggest pot I lost was when Iggy pushed me off a pot where I had TPTK and he had Big Slick. I think that put me on tilt. Well, maybe not quite, but it probably contributed to big pot loss #1 above.

So I ended up doubling up, but could have ended quadrupled. No, wait, way more than that. Iggy was all in. Damn. For some reason that story SirFWALGMan told about Iggy taking his money popped in my head at that very moment. I should stop reading blogs.

On the other hand(s)…

I pushed SirFWALGMan off one of the larger pots of the night, netting me and MisterD2U some good profits. You’re welcome. We both had top pair top kicker while SirFWALGMan had an overpair that would have been good had the hammer not reared its ugly head on the turn.

He got his revenge, though. See pot #1 above. He also bluffed me off a pot when I had a weak boat with pocket threes and the sign of the devil on the board. All together now: StudioGlyphic sucks.

I also had the pleasure of withdrawing some cash from the dot-com ATM that was at our table when my aces bitch-slapped his Big Slick into submission. Too bad he was slightly down on his fourth re-buy when it happened. He was NegEV’s best friend, handing him three buy-ins, at least.

My crazy 88 also stood up against HDouble’s QJ after I put him all-in preflop. He left soon after that, which was too bad, since I really do enjoy watching him play. Iggy and HDouble are both front-runners in the raise-with-crap race. But Iggs usually follows up with strong hands to catch people off guard. He also makes up whatever he loses when raising crap by chasing the limpers out in half a dozen subsequent hands.

So I think I did a decent job in giving as good as I got, though when I got it, I got it bad. War crime bad. Someone call the Hague.