In case you haven’t heard, I’ve returned to the US. I jumped right into the gambling frame of mind with the start of the month, playing Blackjack with bonus money at Will Hill and Intercasino (see ScurvyDog for the affiliate links), O8 and NLHE at the LA Blogger Home Game, and 2/4 HE at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables on Party Poker. Yep. I finally got a new Party account after getting myself banned last January for “inappropriate chat.” I still don’t know what the hell that means, but whatever.

There are some excellent tables to be found under that BBJ tab. I happened to catch –EV 4-tabling a few of them, but I opted to play elsewhere. No need to sit down with a known tight-aggressive player who reminds you everytime he sees you about that $50NL session where he took two buy-ins off of you (5 months ago!). Anyway, with several players playing in excess of 35-55% of all their hands, my BBJ sessions evoked fond memories of playing in the LA and Vegas casinos.

Coincidentally, I’ll be heading out to Vegas in the morning to bake in 105 degree sunshine and immerse myself in the madness that is the WSOP. No, I won’t be playing in any of the events–I don’t have the skills or the bankroll for that–but I do intend to sit myself down next to some poker-crazed tourists and try to dodge bad beats while building a mountain of chips. There will be no blackjack or roulette on this trip; then again, Grubby’s a persuasive guy.