Clicky Keyboards

I find this site dedicated to praising and selling IBM keyboards rather charming.

IBM model M keyboards.

“Are you a real computer expert or just a low-end computer user?

You need to use a real keyboard. The IBM Model M keyboard.”

They provide a short history of the IBM keyboard and include diagrams from IBM’s patent for the all-important “Bucking Spring torsional snap actuator” which gives the IBM keyboard its signature clicky sound and feel.

One thought on “Clicky Keyboards”

  1. I like those keyboards a lot, but I think he oversells them. I like my keyboard–it’s one of the few things Microsoft seems to do right (well, save for their idiotic “f-lock” system, the keyboard’s lack of standards compliance, and the fact that it’s definitely at the top end of their keyboard lineup–i.e., expensive). If I could get a wireless IBM M, I’d probably get one.