Vista is a piece of crap

I’ve gotten the double whammy of Vista and Office 2007 at work, and it’s driving me nuts. There’s not too much I can do with the IT policies at work, but I’m trying to figure out my alternatives for the next home machine.

Specifically I’m thinking about getting a new laptop for the wife. Since Vista is now the only option on most machines, I’m considering getting one of those “netbooks” that come with XP. I really like the idea of the netbook; it’s super-light, and heat generation is apparently much reduced with the solid state hard drive. The real question is, can you practically use one of these machines as your only computer, or are most people just using them to get on the Internet and do simple things on the go?

Alternatively, I could go for a MacBook or a Windows laptop and buy a copy of XP for it. Thoughts?

NaBloPoMo 8